Cocktail Lip gloss

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Mock-tail Lip-glosses is a Cocktail in a tube😉

💋All lip glosses are made with: Versagel, Castor Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Avacado & Jojoba   Oils, Mica, preservative, and Flavoring Oils. Some colors may contain glitter.
💋Some shades may contain non-toxic fruit charms

Piña Colada - infused with Piña Colada flavor
Amaretto Sour - infused with Amaretto & Orange flavor
Lemon Drop - infused with Vodka & Lemon flavor
Strawberry Margarita - infused with Strawberry and Tequila flavor
Lime Margarita - infused with Lime and Tequila flavor
💋Does not contain alcohol💋

💋Piña Colada is an iridescent gold
💋Amaretto Sour is a holographic orange- it's magical to see!
💋Lemon Drop is shimmery gloss
💋Strawberry Margarita is a lip poppin' red tint
💋Lime Margarita is a sheen gloss

💋Available in 10ml Wand Tubes